Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tali Beach Photo Diary

Credits to Ceej!

Yes, I finally got to go to the beach this summer! Actually, it's a surprise that I was able to go anywhere this month before I graduate (takas, shhh!). I went to Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas early this week with my duty group mates, our significant others, two of our residents (who are also the BF's good friends), and my best friend. We rented a wide and spacious beach house that's just right for an overnight stay. 

There was so much good food (liempo, spicy tuna carbonara, home made burgers, veggie skewers, chicken with rosemary and thyme, and so much more!) mixed with good company and an amazing view at the beach. It was a good escape from reality and the oppressive heat of Manila.

Car buddies!

After driving around Tagaytay and Batangas for most of the morning, we're heeeeere!

Bright, airy, and breezy

Summer colors set perfectly on the table

Welcome to our crib! Hahaha!

The BF's delicious home-made hamburgers. YUM!

Elaine's (my best friend) spicy tuna carbonara

On top of a cliff
Credits to Ceej!

Credits to Ceej!

Three of the five people I spent my last 4 awesome months of clerkship with
Credits to Ceej!

One for the books.
Credits to Ceej!

How's everyone's summer so far? I hope you're having an awesome time wherever you are despite the oppressive heat that's taken over our country at the moment.

Happy Easter, everybody! :)


Sunday, April 13, 2014

71st and 80


Let me start this post by thanking Deluxe Templates for my brand new spankin' layout! I was never satisfied with my previous layouts and what you have seen before were merely 'temporary' layouts, until I find a (pre-made) layout that suited my tastes. I wanted it to be neat and clean, easy to tweak (a.k.a. no html/css chorva), and pleasing to the eyes of my readers. I spent the whole afternoon searching for layouts in what seemed like a dozen websites (learning a thing or two about Blogger design along the way). I'm not a techie person and I have no patience with html coding and whatever it is that web designers do. So I am lucky enough to stumble upon Deluxe Templates' vast selection of designs! THANK YOU, Deluxe Templates! :)

Now, another reason for my mini-celebration would be that this is my 71st post and that I have now reached 80 followers on Bloglovin'! :) I honestly thought that I wouldn't be able to keep up with this blog of mine and that I would be forgetting all about it in time. But thank God I still found the urge to write despite my hectic schedule. Thank you to all my followers and readers as well! :) It is a far cry from my intial 4-5 followers in Bloglovin' back when I was still starting out! Your support means a lot to me! THANK YOU!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Going Japanese

Good old Crunchy Kani Maki from Teriyaki Boy, just to whet your appetite/midnight cravings. Japanese food = GOOD food. The ultimate comfort food. 

Happy Friday, everyone! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cold Stone Creamery, MOA

Summer is most definitely here! Of course, the heat that goes along with the summer season is here to stay as well and what better way to kill the unbearable heat than with a delicious cup or cone of ice cream? Not just any ol' cup of ice cream either, go indulge in one of the yummy ice cream flavors from Cold Stone Creamery!

I was lucky to try the MOA branch but I believe there is also one in Serendra, BGC. I'll lead you to the food blogs of The Pickiest Eater in the World and Our Awesome Planet for a much better review. :) 

Meanwhile, here's what went down on OUR visit!

Rows and rows of various ice cream flavors and other goodies! This place is an ice cream lover's paradise, I'm pretty sure. I believe you can make your own ice cream (with your choice of toppings) but if you're undecided, you can choose from their Signature Creations list.

Once you've made your pick, the staff prepares your ice cream in front of you. They toss your ice cream in the air like pancakes on (what I presume) is a cold-stone surface.

Being the chocolate mint lover that I am, I went for the Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate ChipThe Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip has everything you would ever want in a mint chocolate chip ice cream. Although, the mint flavor could be a bit stronger.

My friend, Nikki, ordered the My Strawberry Blonde (I think) and it tastes just like frozen yogurt. Yum!

The BF ordered the Peanut Butter Cup Perfection and it is oh. so. sinful! This cup packs a mean punch of peanut butter! For all you Reese's lovers out there!


So if you want a new twist to your ice cream this summer, head to the nearest Cold Stone Creamery branch near you! ;)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Summer Reading List

I've been out and about Alabang Town Center with my parents earlier this evening when my mom suggested we check out Power Books for Holy Week 'reading'. Being a self-proclaimed bookworm, I eagerly said yes and off we went. I would've preferred browsing around Fully Booked instead but I wasn't that choosy and any book would do. It's just that Fully Booked in ATC has the biggest collection of books I've seen so far!

Anyway, I chose The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It was turned into a major motion picture which I unfortunately failed to see. But this is good because then I get to read it first before seeing it on screen. I hate seeing the plot and lines of book-based films get altered until, in the end, you say, "The book was SO much better." Anyone else have the same sentiments? Haha!

So here is my summer reading list:
1. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (I started this novel a long time ago and stopped before I reached 1/3 of it. I haven't touched it again since! I have to finish it this time.)
2. Looking For Alaska by John Green
3. Paper Towns by John Green (I look forward to reading this)
4. Slammed by Colleen Hoover
5. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Sara Manning (I have just started reading this a couple of days ago)
6. The One by Kiera Cass (This is the third book in Kiera Cass' The Selection series. Quite a bit like Hunger Games. But, ugh, one month to go before this gets released!)

That's it so far! What are some of your favorite books? What would you recommend? :)

The Finish Line

Well, we finally did it! We have officially ended junior internship last April 1. It feels surreal now, not getting up at the crack of dawn for duties and not staying overnight in the hospital. It feels strange yet bittersweet at the same time. Less than a month from now, we will be taking the next step of our medical training: senior internship. It's just like junior internship, more or less, but with more responsibilities and (hopefully) knowledge in hand. Most of my batchmates will be training in various hospitals in Manila and in the other provinces while I will be staying put in my base hospital. A part of me still wishes that I had the guts to apply elsewhere, preferably in DOH or some other government hospital, but what's done is done and I am just lucky to be matched at all (I know of other graduates who are still not matched as of this time). But more about senior internship at a later time. 

I will miss my big group for sure because we've been together for the past 365 days, all 33 of us being rotated in various small groups per rotation. We went through daily endorsements together, received merits and demerits alike, consoled each other whenever the residents line the attendance logbook, helped out in reports and presentations and, simply put, we built a family with each other. Some of these people were those whom we haven't spoken to for the last 3 years in medical school but would now gladly have shared a meal or a bed to sleep in in the callroom. New friends, if you will. But I'm just glad I spent my final year in med school with them. :)

Now we have the whole stretch of April to relax and unwind! Unfortunately, I don't have any big travel plans unlike last summer which is a shame. I have been having a serious case of wanderlust lately but there are just too many things to consider. :( 

Anyhow, congratulations to all the graduates of 2014! We did it! :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Love for Service

This is something I have written months ago, while I was in the middle of my junior internship. It may be a little bit heavy for some but it is a story that I would like to share. In a way, I needed to put all of this down into writing in order to organize my thoughts and how I felt at that time. At present, the people involved in this story has become some of the most memorable persons I have encountered on my last year in medical school. 

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