Sunday, December 21, 2014

Photo Diary: El Nido & Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Sundays are for staying at home, curled up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate, and daydreaming about the places you long to see. Am I right? 

Well, allow me to share with you a recent trip my friends and I took to the island of Palawan! It's no secret to some people that I prefer going out of the country for vacation trips but if the local place I'm going to is as beautiful as El Nido, Palawan then that's a-okay by me!

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snapshot Saturday #2

I just realized that it's Saturday today! Trying to keep up with this Snapshot Saturdays thing. :)

Featured today is the Chili Cheese Fries from Size Matters, a burger joint that specializes in flame grilled sausage burgers! They're pretty good if I say so myself.

Happy Saturday, everyone! :)

Physician Licensure Exam 2015

Sh*t just got real.

The PRC has released the dates of the Physician Licensure Examination for 2015. Up until now, I haven't really given much thought about the upcoming board exams. But for the past week, pre-registration for the Top Notch medical board review has started and people are talking about which branch to review in, where to dorm, etc.

It's a surreal feeling.

The boards are in EIGHT months and it's pretty difficult not to fall into panic mode. I swear I will seriously start reviewing in January. No more excuses.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas 2014 Wishlist!

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is in less than 2 weeks! :) Have you all started (or completed) your Christmas shopping yet? To be honest, I have only started my shopping yesterday and I realized that I have left it quite a bit late! No worries, though, everything shall fall into place. :)

Anyway, I have compiled my own Christmas wishlist here for those who are curious (*wink wink*). 

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Exposed
I've heard and read so much about this particular shade in the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush line. I've ordered it through a friend of mine and it has finally arrived! Finally, something I can cross off my wishlist. I can't wait to wear it to all the Christmas parties and family gatherings. :)

2. Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick by Kate Moss
I have my eye on shades 104 and 08, to be specific. I need more MLBB shades in my life! Luckily, my cousin who lives in the US promised to send them over next month. :)

3. Stila In The Light palette
I have been searching for a new eyeshadow palette and I've had my eye on this one from Stila for awhile. The shades seem so wearable and I just love the packaging!

4. iPhone 4 case
This one is for more practical reasons. My poor iPhone has a lot of scratches already because I always throw it in my bag carelessly along with my other stuff. I need one with a front cover!

5. World Scratch Map
For the wanderlust in me! I want NEED this so much in my life. If I could have one specifically of the Philippines then so much better!

6. Real Techniques brushes
I've always been curious about these makeup brushes. Maybe it's time to step up my game with the right tools.

How about you? What's on top of your Christmas wishlist? :)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Snapshot Saturday #1

#nofilter, thanks very much.
Hello, December!

I came up with this Snapshot Saturdays thing where, instead of posting a lengthy blogpost, I post a recent/long-forgotten snapshot of mine. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. 

In this case, my first snapshot is one I took on a recent trip to Palawan! I have finally (temporarily) sated my wanderlust with a trip to one of my favorite islands in the country. The weather was so beautiful, so perfect. A full photoblog will be up soon, hopefully.

Happy weekend, everyone! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Back to the mountains of Bailen

My Family and Community Medicine rotation for this month requires us to visit the rural community three times a week. We went back to our communities where we were assigned to live in last year. Incidentally, I lived in the same community where I stayed around 4 years ago during my undergrad. The place is so familiar that I already feel comfortable in it. 

Our foster mother was so happy to see us and likewise. I remember living in her house last year when we used to set up a grill and prepare barbecue for dinner in the backyard. Those were good times.

For senior internship, however, we're only assigned to the Out Patient Department and the health centers so our weekly visits to the community will have to do. On our first visit to the community, we met up with a couple of interns from the UP-PGH and we held a meeting regarding the new program of the Department of Health. 

Life in the community sure is peaceful. There's a feeling of camaraderie between the citizens and us lowly interns, as evidenced by the bag of fruits we were given to take home and the invitations to town fiestas. I never got it in my head to become a family medicine practitioner, though. Doctors to the Barrios, anyone? I suppose they're not for the weak of heart. Health care is not easily and readily accessible to people living in rural or far-flung areas. Doctors assigned to said areas do a LOT of walking just to get to their patients, not to mention that they probably sacrificed a lot just to do what they're doing.  Maybe there is something to be said about these Doctors to the Barrios being our local heroes.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Thoughts: 7 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello hello! I'm pretty consistent with this whole blogging-only-every-two-weeks-or-so, aren't I? Well, at least you know what to expect. :P

I'm back with a new blogpost! I won't be writing about my current rotation, which is Family & Community Medicine, because I honestly don't know what to write about THAT (unless you want to hear my woes about the rotation requirements). I'm here to tell you all about the things that make ME happy (because I do have a life outside the hospital, you know). 

1. Family
Of course! Nothing makes me happier than going home on a weekend and actually staying home with my parents and talking about our week. Even if it's just for a day or two, spending time at home is an effective stress-buster/recharger for the coming week.

2. Friends

Friends got your back, no matter what. Even though I only get to see some of my closest friends once in a blue moon, I'm glad to have them in my life!

3. Our dogs

These furry creatures are so well-loved in our home that they're considered a part of the family. Scottie the labrador always sleeps in my room whenever I'm home and Ashley (Scottie's daughter) has the cutest curled puff tail in the world.

4. Ice Cream

Laugh all you want! Ice cream is my guilty pleasure and there's no hiding it! Feeling happy? Get some ice cream to celebrate! Feeling depressed? Drown your sorrows in a tub of ice cream. My diabetes won't stop me so thank goodness for sugar-free ice cream. :)

5. Travel

I'm a self-confessed travel junkie. Total wanderlust. Will work for travel. That kind of obsession. I was introduced to the world of traveling at a very young age and I have my parents to thank for that. There is still so much of the world to explore and I can't wait to visit all the places in my bucket list!

6. That feeling of accomplishment

New skills and actually graduating from medical school. These things gave me such a natural high! Accomplishing something that you've worked so hard for is worth much more than monetary value.

7. My readers!
YOU, of course! When I first started this blog, I blogged only for myself. I did it to relieve my stress and to unload my mind from my thoughts. But eventually, I met people through my blog and it makes me happy to know that what I write helps them in some way. So, THANK YOU! :)

Well, there are more things that make me happy, of course but I think that deserves another blogpost. :)

What are some of the things that make YOU happy?